Troll Expeditions Katla Volcano Ice Cave

During the Iceland trip, besides trying out restaurants in Iceland and chasing Northern Lights, one of the most memorable experience was Troll Expeditions Katla Volcano Ice Cave. Katla is one the world’s most powerful volcanoes and the most dangerous in Iceland. The last eruption in 1918 caused the southern coast of Iceland to extend by […]


Restaurants in Iceland I Have Tried

Outside of Reykjavik, the rest of Iceland looks very barren but if you know where to look, there are some good restaurants to be found. Here are the restaurants that I have tried in Iceland: Stapinn It’s really more of a cafe than a restaurant, there are only about 30 seats in doors and another […]


Accommodations to See Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis, are so elusive and difficult to catch. You need to clear skies and even then, you might not get to see this natural wonder. The guy I was sitting next to on my flight to Iceland was a Finnish guy who had a Japanese colleague who flew to […]