Spa-1 Wellness Centre – Multinational Sauna Experience

I recently saw in a Facebook post there is a place in Singapore where you can experience Korean sauna house just like in Korean dramas. It is called Spa-1 Wellness Centre located at the basement of Grandlink Square.

While Yunomori Onsen & Spa focuses more on onsen and spa, Spa-1 Wellness Centre focuses on different types of sauna. 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 1The entrance of Spa-1 Wellness Centre looks so posh and modern, it looks nothing like how I expect a sauna house to look like. The chandelier from the ceiling makes it look more like a hotel concierge than a sauna house.

You can purchase your pass from the counter on the right. 3-Hour Pass costs S$38+, Full Day Pass costs S$58+ and Couple/Buddy Full Day Pass costs S$88+. 

Changing Rooms 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 2There are separate female and male changing rooms. The lockers line against the walls with stools in the middle of the room. 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 3You will be given a set of towel, a set of orange t-shirt and shorts (just like in Korean dramas) plus disposable bra and panty. 

You can access the Hot Bath, Cold Bath and Steam Room directly from the changing room. Female and male changing rooms have their own facilities. 


Hot Bath 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 4There are separate Hot Bath pools in female and male changing rooms. The promotional photographs show flowers and leaves hanging from the ceiling above the Hot Bath pools which makes the place look really pretty but everything was taken out, probably due to Covid-19 regulations. 

The water in the Hot Bath pool is kept constant at 40 – 42°C to give you a true onsen experience.

Ice Bath/Shower

The bath tubes besides the Hot Bath are for Ice Bath/Shower. The cold water tightens blood vessels to drain lactic acid from muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed. Many top athletes uses this method to stay in top form. 

Steam Room

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 5

The Steam Room is located at the entrance of the Hot Bath and Cold Bath area. The moist heat helps to

  • improve blood circulation
  • lower blood pressure
  • clear congestion
  • promote skin health
  • boost immunity system.

Spa-1 Wellness Centre’s Steam Room is filled with mentol to energize your senses, reduce congestion and improve cardiovascular health.

Resting Lounge 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 6

There are separate female and male resting lounges located next to the changing rooms. The resting lounges have dim lights and luxurious sofa-beds. Each sofa-bed is fitted with its own tablet so you can surf the internet and watch movies. You can also use your own handphone or take a nap.

Cassia Seed Sauna

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 7

Cassia seed originated from India and it is a Chinese herb that is good at soothing the eyes and helping weight loss. It helps to

  • improve sleep and mood
  • improve cardiovascular health, detox
  • weight loss and reduce stress

The room is extremely hot. The recommended length of each session is 10-20 minutes. You can take a pillow and lie on the bed of cassia seeds. Another popular way is to bury your whole body in the cassia seeds. There are wooden scoops available to scoop the cassia seeds onto your body. 

Himalayan Salt Sauna 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 8

The Himalayan salts are obtained from mines located on the foothills of the Himalayas. These salts has been forming for more than 250 million years in an environment free of toxins and pollutants. Himalayan salts contain all 84 natural minerals present in our body.
Spa-1 Wellness Centre 9

Himalayan Salt Sauna has the following benefits: 

  • Reduce muscular pain and inflammation 
  • Reduce discomfort from asthma and allergies 
  • Relieve joint pain such as arthritis and sports injuries 
  • Helps with skin problems and infections 

I see many people taking a straw sheet and wooden pillow and sleeping in there. I have no idea how they can tolerate the extreme heat inside. 

Oxygen Room (additional charges) 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 10

Oxygen therapy enables blood to become more efficient at transporting oxygen to muscle tissues, thus relaxing the body. Extra oxygen also boosts the performance of white blood cells, reducing headaches and sinus problems.

The benefits of oxygen therapy are: 

  • Speed up wound healing process 
  • Relieve headaches and sinus problems
  • Improve blood circulation 
  • Relaxes the body

Myanmar Jade Room

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 11Spa-1 Wellness Centre 11

The Myanmar Jade Room is a bluish-looking room with hot and cold beds. The Chinese believe jade promotes wisdom, balance and peace.

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 12

The benefits of the Myanmar Jade Room are:

  • Boost immune system
  • Relieve skin irritation and fatigue 
  • Better joint and muscle function 
  • Improve blood circulation 
  • More nutrients and oxygen supply to muscle tissues 
  • Improve joint strength and mental acuity 

Spa Treatments 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre 13

Besides sauna, Spa-1 Wellness Centre also provides different types of spa treatments. You can look forward to

  • Japanese Shiatsu Massage 
  • Aromatherapy Massage 
  • Fresh & Glow Facial 
  • Signature Hot Stone Massage 
  • Foot Reflexology 

You can find out about the different spa treatments and prices on their Treatments page.


Spa-1 Wellness Centre 14

The cafe serves free-flow of light snacks and refreshments. You can also try the vegetarian meals which are supposedly quite good. 

Spa-1 Wellness Centre

Address: 511 Guillemard Road, Grandlink Square #B1-01, Singapore 399849

Telephone: 68461775

Opening Hours: Daily 11am – 10.30pm


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