Yunomori Onsen & Spa – Authentic Japanese Onsen in Singapore

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I recently learnt that there is actually an onsen in Singapore. No, I am not talking about Sembwang Hot Spring Park, this is an honest-to-goodness onsen. It is located on level 2 of Kallang Wave Mall and it is called Yunomori Onsen & Spa.

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Upon entering Yunomori Onsen & Spa, you will need to take out your shoes and deposit them in one of the shoe lockers to the left of the entrance. Pass the shoe locker key to the staff at the counter and register for your visit. 

Adult Day Pass costs S$38 (S$40.66 after GST) while Children (3-15 years old) and Senior (65 years old and above) Day Pass are discounted at S$28 (S$29.96 after GST). Day Pass gives you all-day access to Yunomori Baths, 1 set of towels, 1 set of yukata, access to all amenities and lounge access. 

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After making payment, the counter staff will give you a locker key and show you to the female/male changing room. This locker key is an electronic key, you simply have to tap the locker key to the handle of your locker to open it. It is fully waterproof so you can bring it to baths. The locker key also acts as your credit card in Yunomori Onsen & Spa, All purchases will be billed to the locker key and you make payment before leaving. 

Changing Room

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Before entering the changing room, choose a yukata and obi with pattern and color that you like. The staff will also give you a small and large towel. It is customary to soak in onsen butt-naked but you can request for disposable bra and panties if you feel shy.

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The changing room is brightly-lit and spacious. Rows and rows of wooden lockers line the right side of the room with dressing tables on the left side.

There is ample space in between the rows of lockers to change, or you can also change inside the toilet. 

Getting Ready for Onsen

If you want to soak in the onsen, please take off all your clothes and put on the disposable bra and panty. Store your clothes in the locker and only bring a towel with you. 

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The changing room is linked directly to the onsen area through a sliding door.

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It is customary to wash yourself before entering the onsen. There are shower areas with seat-down stools near the entrance of the onsen. There is shower gel, shampoo and conditioner provided.


The Baths 

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Yunomori Onsen & Spa offers 5 different types of baths, each bath offers different benefits.

Jet Bath 

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The Jet Bath consists of 6 sunk-in body-contoured beds and a metallic head support. Lie down and let the full-body jet streams massage your muscles and sooth away the day’s stresses. The oxygenated water not only improves blood circulation, it can even help you to lose weight. 

Soda Bath (38 – 39 °C)

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The water in Soda Bath contains highly concentrated CO2 (carbon dioxide). This carbon dioxide-rich water increases blood oxygen level, improves circulation and reduces high blood pressure. 

Silk Bath (38.5 – 39.5°C)

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The silk bath is filled with micro-bubbles containing hydrogen. These tiny bubbles leaves your skin silky smooth and refreshed. The hydrogen also relieves rheumatic and arthritic pains as well as take away mental stress. 

Bubble Bath (38.5 – 39.5°C) 

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Mimicking natural hot springs in Japan and Thailand, the water in Bubble Bath is infused with minerals and set at a warm temperature. The minerals adds moisture to your skin, your skin will be softer and smoother.

Cold Bath (17 – 19°C) 

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The icy cold water of the Cold Bath stimulates nerve endings. The cold water close the pores and tighten the skin which makes the skin firmer and tighter.

I love alternating between the Cold Bath with Bubble Bath and Silk Bath. 

Steam Room 

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The wet heat in the Steam Room open the pores and detoxifies the body. The Steam Room rejuvenates the skin, relives joint and muscle pains, relaxing the body and mind. 

Sauna Room (80 – 95°C) 

The high temperature encourages sweating for ultimate purification. The heat opens pores, cleanses the skin, relives tension and refreshes the body. 

Wearing Yukata

After soaking in the onsen for as long as you want, it is time to don the yukata you chose.

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There is a plague on the wall with instructions on how to wear yukata with cute cartoon drawings. 

Yunomori Spa

After relaxing in the onsen, this is the perfect time to get a Thai or aromatherapy massage. You can find onsen and spa packages here. Yunomori Onsen & Spa also provides IPL therapy to help you improve skin tone, remove wrinkles, remove scars and hair removal. 

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There is a glass door besides the counter of Yunomori Cafe. There are various rooms where you can get your massage. 

Yunomori Cafe

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Yunomori Cafe serves Japanese-style food and snacks which are freshly prepared upon order. There are nutritious beverages, traditional Japanese desserts and light savory bites. 

Resting Area 

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There is a resting lounge at the end of Yunomori Cafe where you can lie on beds and rest. This is the perfect place to have a nice nap after a restful onsen soak and massage. 

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Yunomori Onsen & Spa is a scaled-down version of Odaiba Oedo-Onsen Monogatari that I visited in Tokyo. Even though there is not much facilities besides spa, cafe and resting area, the Japanese onsen experience is pretty authentic. 

Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Address: 1 Stadium Place, Kallang Wave Mall #02-17, Singapore 397628

Telephone: 63864126

Opening Hours: Daily 10am – 11pm


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