Urban Farm @ Funan – Home-Grown Vegetables in Singapore

Urban Farm @ Funan 福南购物中心的都市菜园 1As an island country with no natural resources, food sustainability has always been a major problem in Singapore. Singapore imports 90% of its food supply.The supply chain disruption caused by COVID-19 has made the Singapore government aware of the seriousness of the problem. Singapore aims to produce 30% of its nutritional needs by 2030.

I learned about urban farming at One Kind House and I have been interested in it ever since. When I learned that the revamped Funan Mall has an Urban Farm, I decided to take a look. 

Urban Farm @ Funan 福南购物中心的都市菜园 2

Urban Farm @ Funan can be a little hard to locate. There is a glass door to the left of the Peranakan restaurant Godmama. Take two flight of stairs and you will reach Urban Farm.

Urban Farm @ Funan 福南购物中心的都市菜园 3

Edible Garden City operates Urban Farm @ Funan. There are 30 varieties of vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, 2 types of mushrooms and 1 type of fish. 

Urban Farm @ Funan 福南购物中心的都市菜园 5

NOKA Japanese Restaurant located just besides the Urban Farm uses the harvests from the Urban Farm in their dishes.

Singaporeans can also get their share of home-grown vegetables through the Citizen Box vegetable subscription program. 

I think urban farming is a terrific use of rooftops. I hope there will be more urban farms to provide sustainable food source for Singaporeans.

You can read more about Edible City Garden’s efforts in urban farming here.  

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