Thai Supermarket – My Favorite Things to Buy

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 1Thai Supermarket on level 2 of Golden Mile Complex has become my new favorite shopping haunt. You can find a wide range of Thai food and body care products, plus some Vietnamese stuff as well. It is also one of the few places in Singapore where you can munch on street food as you shop. 

Here are some of my favorite things to get from Thai Supermarket: 

Bar Soaps

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 2Thai Supermarket has quite a sizable section on bar soaps. There are various brands selling herbal, fruity, vitamin E, whitening and many other types of bar soaps.

Asatee is a popular bar soap brand from Thailand. This brand produces many types of soaps with different ingredients.  My favorite is Asatee Rice Milk Soap with Collagen. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without tight or “smooth” feeling. Ever since I started using this bar soap, I stopped using everything else. I think I have already gone through 8 bars so far. 

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 3

On a recent trip to Thai Supermarket, I bought a bar of this Madame Heng Herbal Soap. One look at the packaging and you know it’s so last-century. This old school herbal soap has been in production since 1949. I believe that old = good, I bought a bar to try. 

I am also trying out K Brothers Rice Milk Soap on my face. We all know that rice milk is excellent for cleaning and moisturizing the skin. It is available as individual pieces or 10-piece packs. If it really works for me, I can get the 10-piece packs which will save me lots of money. 

Gluten-Free Soy Sauce

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 4

I have a friend who is on gluten-free diet and she was having problems finding gluten-free soy sauce in the local supermarkets. Her friend recommended that she try Thai Supermarket, so we came and we found it. 

The brand is called Megachef (you can also find it in NTUC Fairprice) and Megachef Gluten Free Soy Sauce is available in 200ml and 500ml bottles. Megachef also has other tasty-sounding soy sauce options such as Megachef Premium Mushroom Sauce. 

Fish Sauce

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 5

The Thai people really love fish sauce. They put it in nearly everything from soup to salads to stir-fries.

Thai Supermarket is the only place in Singapore where you can find 16 different brands of fish sauce. The supermarket displayed all the different brands of fish sauce in one a tiered-trolley and it’s really quite a sight. 

Dried / Dehydrated Fruits 

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 6

Thailand is well-known for their dried fruits which many of us buy as souvenirs for family and friends. 

Thai Supermarket has the dried version of almost any fruit you can think of from mango and logan to honey lime. I am very interested in the dried durian, I have read somewhere that they taste exactly like fresh durian. 

Since these are really just fruits, they are perfect for people on gluten-free diets. 

Gluten-Free Snacks

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 7

Thai Supermarket is like a snack wonderland for people on gluten-free diet. There is a wide variety of gluten-free snacks from rice crackers and baked squid to crispy green peas. 

Rice is naturally gluten-free and Thai people seem to have a special fondness for rice crackers. There is this one brand Thaweephan 米樂 which has rice cracker snacks in 8 delicious-sounding flavors. 

Glass-Bottled Coco-Cola

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 8I am not a fan of coca-cola, in fact I almost never drink coca-cola. Coca-cola nowadays normally come in plastic bottles, it’s quite rare to find the glass-bottle version. 

There is also glass-bottled versions of Fanta Red and Fanta Green as well. 

Vietnamese Spring Roll Rice Paper

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 9Even though Thai Supermarket sells mostly Thai products, you can also find some Vietnamese such as spring roll rice paper. Besides the regular ones, there are also rice paper with chilli and shrimp-flavored ones.

Thai Supermarket 泰国超市 10It’s fun to shop in Thai Supermarket because it stocks many things you can’t find in local supermarkets. You can even order the products online from Thai Supermarket’s online store and get everything delivered to your house. Use the code “TSMONLINE” for $5 off your first purchase.

Thai Supermarket

Address: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex #02-64, Singapore 199588

Telephone: 81383715

Opening Hours: Daily 9.30am – 9.30pm

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