Thai Supermarket Street Food – Munch on Street Food as You Shop

I miss going overseas and eating street food as I explore (like what I did in Tsukiji Market), which you can’t really do in Singapore. “Street food” are food that you eat on the streets, not in seat-down hawker centres. Besides Bugis Street and shopping mall basements, there is another place where you can munch on street food as you shop – Thai Supermarket street food on level 2 of Golden Mile Complex.

There is a row of stalls selling street food at the entrance of Thai Supermarket. Even thought we are supposed to wear mask at all times, no one’s stopping you from sneaking an occasional bite. Just look out for the safe distancing ambassadors and don’t get caught! 

Golden Mile Banh Mi 

Thai Supermarket Street Food 泰国超市街边小吃 1

Golden Mile Banh Mi is probably the first store you will encounter at the entrance of Thai Supermarket. 

As the name suggests, Golden Mile Banh Mi specializes in Vietnamese banh mi (sandwiches) and goi cuon (spring rolls). Everything is freshly-made on the spot in front of your eyes. 

Golden Banana

Thai Supermarket Street Food 泰国超市街边小吃 2The first time I was at Thai Supermarket, I saw a long queue just outside the entrance. I mistakenly thought it was the queue to go into Thai Supermarket and queued up.

It turned out the queue was for Golden Banana which sells fried potato balls, fried yam, fried sweet potato balls and fried banana. The perfectly-crispy golden-brown fried potato balls and fried banana were really addictive. 

Pha Muk 

Thai Supermarket Street Food 泰国超市街边小吃 3Located just besides Golden Banana, Pha Muk is the only one in the list that has seat-down dining option. Pha Muk specializes in Thai pork noodles and salads.

The signature dishes are Kway Teow Soup, Kway Teow Yentofu Soup and Papaya Salad. If you are an adventurous foodie, do try Fermented Pork Salad, something you can’t find else where in Singapore. 

The Thai Rice Noodles Crab Laksa is only available on weekends, the sweet-creamy broth will blow you away. 

Thai Milk Crab

Thai Supermarket Street Food 泰国超市街边小吃 4Thai Milk Crab offers crabs done in new flavors such as Thai Milk Crab, Teochew Cold Crab and Salted Egg Crab. There are also other seafood such as live oysters, conch (gong gong) and cockles (sea hum). 

There are no seats for dine-in at Thai Milk Crab. You can either order on their website, order through GrabFood or pickup from the shop in Golden Mile Complex. Delivery timing is 12-3 pm for lunch & 4-7 pm for dinner.
Minimum order for delivery is $60 with S$10 flat delivery fee, free delivery over $150. 

Pattaya Seafood

Thai Supermarket Street Food 泰国超市街边小吃 5Pattaya Seafood sells seafood and skewers such as grilled cockles, sausages and bacon rolls. The selection is quite small, if only there are grilled chicken wings and grilled mushroom will be perfect.

Crepe Cafe 

Thai Supermarket Street Food 泰国超市街边小吃 6End your meal on a sweet or savory note to your with a crepe from Crepe Cafe. You can customize everything from the color of your crepe, filling and to the sauce.

What do you think about these Thai Supermarket street food? Where are you favorite haunts for street food in Singapore? Let me know in the comments below! 

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