Shu Da Xia Hotpot – Martial Art Themed Hotpot Restaurant

Shu Da Xia Hotpot 1

I finally got to visit the famous hotpot Restoran Shu Da Xia that my friends have been telling me about.

Judging from the name, it sounds like a martial arts themed hotpot restaurant. The mascot is a panda in straw hat and wuxia clothes which you can find at the entrance of the restaurant.

Shu Da Xia Hotpot 3

The restaurant does a really good job of decorating the restaurant to fit the martial arts theme. The whole place looks like a grandeur restaurant straight out of a wuxia novel.

Shu Da Xia Hotpot 4

What sets Shu Da Xia from the other hotpot restaurants are the interesting hotpot ingredients. Where else can you find Beef Tongue [RM30], Duck Intestine [RM29], Goose Intestine [RM32] or Beef Tripe [RM45]?

You can eat every part of the pig here, such as Pork Blood [RM 10], Pork Brain [RM 10], Pork Tripe [RM 18], Pork Intestine [RM 18] and Pork Kidney [RM 21].

Shu Da Xia Hotpot 5

There are also many snacks to munch on while your hotpot is cooking such as Fried Rice Cake with Brown Sugar [RM 18] and Crispy Fried Meat [RM 19].

Shu Da Xia Hotpot is perfect for everyone as there are so many ingredients to cater to different groups of people. Whether you are pork-lover, meat-lover or vegetarian, you will have a great time at Shu Da Xia.

Shu Da Xia Hotpot 6

Shu Da Xia Hotpot

Address: 99 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

Telephone: +60 143085930

Opening Hours: Daily 12pm – 12am

Facebook Page:

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