Mya Shwe Taung Tea Shop – Air-Conditioned Tea Shop in Mandalay

Google says that winter in Myanmar is November to February, which is why my colleague Su and I decided to go in November. It is still as hot, probably because it is just the start of winter. The worse thing is, most shops and markets in Myanmar does not have air-conditioning.

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 1

It was mid-day, Su and I were dying in the sweltering heat when we chanced upon Mya Shwe Taung Tea Shop. It is located diagonally across from Nandaw  Shae Market. It looks cool and shaded so we decided to take a rest inside. 

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 2

The best is, this cafe has air-conditioning! I was so thankful I almost wanted to cry. The seats beside the door are the coolest.

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 3

The thing I like the most about Myanmar culture is the free-flow tea on every table. The moment Su and I sat down, we drank cup after cup of tea for a good 15 minutes before we could think of anything else.

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 4

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 5
Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 6

Tea shops in Myanmar are not just places to have tea, they are often the best places to try some authentic Burmese food.

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 7

This is the same sweet Burmese Tea that we have had at Lucky Seven Tea Shop in Yangon. It is the same as Indian teh tarik. My colleague Su insists that the taste is slightly different , probably due to use of the Burmese tea leaves.
Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 9

No meal in Myanmar is complete without a bowl of hot steaming Mohinga. Many Burmese people consider Mohinga as Myanmar’s national dish and I am already in love with it. The Mandalay version is not as thick as the one I had in Lucky Seven Tea Shop in Yangon. 

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 8
Tea Leaf Salad is known as Lahpet Thoke in Burmese. Lahpet means “green tea” and thoke means “salad”. This is one of the most iconic food in Burmese cuisine. It is an exotic mix of flavors and textures that includes soft pickled tea leaves, crisp roasted peanuts and other crunchy beans, toasted sesame seeds, fried garlic and, if you like, dried shrimp and chopped tomato.

Mya Shwe Taung Cafe 10

For those who just can’t get enough of Tea Leaf Salad (Lahpet Thoke), you can also order Tea Leaf Fried Rice. The fried rice is fragrant and the fried beans at the top gives it some much-needed crunch.

Mya Shwe Taung Tea Shop is a life-saver in Myanmar’s sweltering heat with its air-conditioning and free-flow tea. The food is fairly-priced and delicious, you can seat for as long as you need to. 

Mya Shwe Taung Tea Shop 

Address: 19th Street, Between 62nd and 63rd Street, Mandalay, Myanmar

Telephone: +95 9797445524

Opening Hours: Daily 6am – 9pm 

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