Lucky Seven Tea Shop – Traditional Burmese Sweet Tea and Snacks

Tea shops are an integral part of Myanmar culture. Tea shops are not only places to drink tea, they are places where Burmese people socialize.

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 1
One of the most popular tea shop chain is Lucky Seven Tea Shop which has several outlets around Yangon.

There is no air-conditioning at Lucky Seven Tea Shop, the restaurant is cooled by the plants around the restaurant and rotating fans hanging from the ceiling. The best time to visit any Lucky Seven Tea Shop is in the morning, before mid-day humidity sets in. 

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 2

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 3

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 4 Lucky Seven Tea Shop 5

Lucky Seven Tea Shop sells many traditional Burmese dishes and snacks, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists.  

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 7

Sweet Burmese tea known as laphet yay is a concoction of strong black tea with evaporated milk and condensed milk. I thought it tastes like the teh tarik we have in Singapore, but my colleague, Su, says it tastes different.  

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 8
Many Burmese consider Mohinga as the national dish of Myanmar. Mohinga can be found in every part of Myanmar with regional variations of the dish. 

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 9

The Chinese glutinous rice dumplings or zongzi is known as pya htote in Myanmar. This is the traditional pya htote with pieces of savory mushrooms and pork. 

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 6

I like the Burmese Samosa Salad more than the original samosa, which is an Indian triangular snack. Pieces of samosa are cut up and mixed with a sourish soup and topped with chopped cabbage and onions. 

Lucky Seven Tea Shop allows you to sample many delicious Burmese snacks in one seating, perfect for tourists like myself. The prices are affordable and it’s a great place to people-watch. 

Lucky Seven Tea Shop 

Address: U Chit Maung Road, Yangon, Myanmar 

Telephone: +95 9262620824

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 5.30am – 6pm, Sunday 5.30am – 11am 

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