豪品味冰品 – Dessert Shop in Shilin Night Market for Snow Ice

After endless walking and snacking in Shilin Night Market (or have it at 忠誠號蚵仔煎 if you are lazy like me), it’s time for some desserts. 

Hao Pin Wei Bing Pin 豪品味冰品 1

Just a few steps away is 豪品味冰品, a dessert shop that not only has fresh fruit juice but desserts as well. 

Hao Pin Wei Bing Pin 豪品味冰品 3

The first floor is mostly for ordering, there are ample seats and air-conditioning on the second floor. 

Hao Pin Wei Bing Pin 豪品味冰品 2

豪品味冰品 offers 9 varieties of ice desserts. There is 巧克力布丁(Chocolate Pudding) [NTD$70], 芒果千層 (Mango Shaved Ice) [NTD$170],  螞蟻雄兵 (Ant Soldier) [NTD$60], 桑葚綿綿冰 (Mulberry Snow Ice) [NTD$80], 花生绵绵冰 (Peanut Snow Ice) [NTD$90], 芒果綿綿冰 (Mango Snow Ice) [NTD$140], 夢幻綿綿冰 (Mixed Fruits Snow Ice) [NTD$180], 玉米綿綿冰 (Corn Snow Ice) [NTD$60] and 烏梅綿綿冰 (Plum Snow Ice) [NTD$60]. 

Hao Pin Wei Bing Pin 豪品味冰品 4

芒果綿綿冰 (Mango Snow Ice) [NTD$140] is hugely popular in Taipei, we visited this shop especially to eat this. The mango-infused snow ice come in layers, the ice melts almost immediately in your mouth. Paired with a generous amount of real mango cubes, it is the best thing to have on a hot and humid day. 

If ice desserts are not your thing and you just want to have some cut fruits, 豪品味冰品 also offers 芒果百匯 (Mixed Fruits) [NTD$180] and 西瓜奇異果鳳梨 (Watermelon, Kiwi and Pineapple) [NTD$130].


Address: No. 15-22, Dadong Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Telephone: +886 2-28835813

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday 3pm – 12am, Friday 3pm – 12.30am, Saturday 3pm – 1am 

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