忠誠號蚵仔煎 – Popular Restaurant in Shilin Night Market

Thanks to Taiwan variety shows, Shilin Night Market is one of the most famous night market in Taipei. 

Many people come to Shilin Night Market to sample the different Taiwanese snacks. 

忠誠號蚵仔煎 1

If you want to sample of the popular Taiwanese snacks without having to elbow your way around throngs of tourists, I recommend 忠誠號蚵仔煎 (蚵仔煎 is pronounced as “ou-a-jian”). 

忠誠號蚵仔煎 2

Established in 1972, 忠誠號蚵仔煎 has been around for more than 45 years. 忠誠號蚵仔煎 has a stall in Shilin Night Market Food Court as well, but I prefer the restaurant on the ground floor because it has better ventilation and more seats.

忠誠號蚵仔煎 3

忠誠號蚵仔煎 is very popular with tourists and celebrities. There are many photographs of celebrities who dined at 忠誠號蚵仔煎 on the walls of the restaurant. 

忠誠號蚵仔煎 6

You will be able to find most of the classic Taiwanese snacks that Shilin Night Market is famous for here. You can ask for the English menu which makes ordering food much easier for those who can’t read Chinese.

A few of the popular Shilin snacks are as follows: 

卤肉饭 (Braised Pork on Rice) – NTD$25 for Small, NTD$40 for Large

基隆天妇罗 (Keelung Tempura) – NTD$50

脆皮臭豆腐 (Stinky Tofu) – NTD$50

忠誠號蚵仔煎 5

忠誠號蚵仔煎 4

You have to order at the counter and the food will be served to your table. 


Address: No.15-23, Dadong Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111

Telephone: +886 2-28838833

Opening Hours: Daily 3pm – 1am 

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