We are the Furballs (WTF) – The Only Dog Petting Cafe in Singapore

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I am a self-professed dog-lover but I have neither the time nor energy to have a dog of my own. Whenever I want some dog companionship, I will visit We are the Furballs located on level 7 of Bugis+. 

There are 5 cat cafes but We are the Furballs is currently the only dog petting cafe in Singapore. We are the Furballs is open daily for both walk-ins and reservation. Reservations are recommended but not compulsory in case they are busy when you arrive. 

Due to the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, We are the Furballs is voluntarily reducing its total operating capacity. The maximum number of people per group is capped at 2, in compliance with safe distancing measures. You have to wear your mask at all times. The admission charge includes a free drink, but due to the pandemic, you will receive a canned drink to takeaway instead. 

We are the Furballs – Design

We are the Furballs 2

The doors and windows of We are the Furballs are decorated with black and white cardboard to resemble a cosy house. The square pillar, door and curtain pen drawings gives the place a child-like feel. 

When you pull open the door, you will see a pallet-decorated counter with white countertop. The staff will be standing behind the counter, this is where they prepare food and drinks for the dogs.

We are the Furballs – Admission Prices and Cafe Rules 

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These are the admission prices. If you are agreeable to the prices, the staff will ask you to read the cafe rules. These are a few of the cafe rules that I remember:

  • Minimum age for entry is 10 years old with adult supervision (adult must be at least 18 years old and not afraid of dogs) (bring along student/photo ID for verification) 
  • Minimum age for entry without adult supervision is 13 years old (bring along student/photo ID for verification) 
  • The management and company accepts no responsibility for any damages to personal belongings, injuries, loss, sickness (and etc)
  • Only petting is allowed, you are not allowed to pick up or hold the dogs 
  • You will have to pay for all medical treatments incurred from mishandling of the dogs 
  • Do not feed the dogs outside food as it will spoil their appetite. You can purchase doggie treats for $3 a packet from the staff. 

We are the Furballs 5

If you agree to abide by the cafe rules, you will make payment and step into the play pen through a swinging door. 

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You can put your belongings on the shelf at the left side of the room. You can seat anywhere in the room, on benches and crates or on the floor. (I suggest sitting on the floor, which makes it easier for the dogs to crawl in to your lap for a nap.)

We are the Furballs – The Resident Dogs 

We are the Furballs 6

We are the Furballs has 7 resident dogs, each with its own personality. Having interacted with many visitors, these dogs have become very smart. They will only come to you if you have treats, so getting a packet of treats is almost essential. 

We are the Furballs 7

Lola is my favourite out of all the dogs here and apparently a favourite among all the regulars too. She is a mini pomeranian and she is extremely tiny and fluffy.  She is nicknamed ‘Her Royal Highness’ or ‘The Princess’ for the dainty way she prances around. 

Lola will give you her “paw” in exchange for a treat and she may choose to hop on your lap for a nap if she really likes you. However, if you try to pick her up when she does not want you to, she will not hesitate to show her displeasure.

We are the Furballs 8

Dexter the welsh corgi is the most active one of the lot. He will go from visitor to visitor looking for treats. He can get a little excited on his treat-hunting and may even climb onto your lap, he is completely harmless.

Dexter has this way of sitting in front of you with tongue hanging out and ears perking up, allowing you to take all the pictures you want. It just melts my heart and I end up giving him more treats than others. 

We are the Furballs 9

Bui Bui the French bulldog looks intimidating with its grumpy face but it is actually really sweet. Bui Bui loves head rubs and hugs and she is your best friend when you have treats. If she likes you well enough, she may just make your nap her next “bed”. 

We are the Furballs 10

I have no idea why Lulu is locked in a separate closure but it is definitely because she is aggressive. This cute little toy poodle reminds is wearing a small blue dress which makes her look even more adorable. 

Lulu is very excitable and she barks at the slightest movement. She is very affectionate and obedient and will gladly nap on your lap.

We are the Furballs 11

Slinky the long-haired dachshund is the sly one. She will melt your heart with her big brown eyes and you will reach into your bag of treats for her. She will gladly sit in your lap for a short cuddle before moving on to her next “target”.

We are the Furballs 12

Duchess the cavalier king charles spaniel is a free-spirited dog who will greet you with a wagging tail. She likes to walk and run around, literally all over the place.

Duchess enjoys working for treats, curling up in your lap for a short snooze or playing fetch when she is in the mood. 

We are the Furballs 13

Mochi the mini maltese is the quietest one in the room. She is extremely shy and docile and she is a little peacemaker at heart. She’s more than happy doing nothing and just napping on your lap. 

When Mochi is not napping, she likes to play with Lola or trying to join in the playfights with the rest of the pack. 

We are the Furballs is the paw-fect place for some cuddles with their adorable resident dogs. Adults and children (minimum 10 years old with adult supervision, minimum 13 years old without adult supervision).

We are the Furballs 

Address: 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+ #07-07, Singapore 188067

Telephone: 65091186

Opening Hours: Sundays – Thursdays 1pm – 10pm, Fridays – Saturdays 12.30pm – 10.30pm

Facebook Page:

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