Do You Know What Travel Medicine and First Aid You Need to Bring?

Getting sick or hurt while traveling can really destroy the mood. Having diarrhea means you will not be able to enjoy all the delicious local food. Physical injuries such as abrasions and lacerations means you will not be able to enjoy the thrilling physical activities. 

Besides making sure that you have taken all the necessary travel vaccinations, have some travel medications and first aid supplies on hand in case of emergencies. 

Drawing on my own travel experiences and profession, I have listed 10 medications and first aid supplies that every traveler needs. These are all over-the-counter medicines and supplies that you can buy from drugstores. 

Travel Medicine and First Aid 旅行药物和急救用品 1

1. Panadol

Active ingredient: Paracetamol 

Use for: fever, headache, pain 

How to take: take 2 tablets orally 3-4 times a day after food, not exceeding 8 tablets a day 

2. Danzen

Active ingredient: Serrapeptase 

Use for: inflammation 

How to take: take 1 tablet orally 3 times a day after food

3. Zyrtec-R

Active ingredient: Cetrizine

Use for: cold, allergies

How to take: 1 tablet daily, no more than 1 tablet a day 

4. Ultracarbon

Active ingredient: activated charcoal

Use for: diarrhea, flatulence, food and drug poisoning 

How to take: 2-4 tablets 2-3 times a day, 2 hours before other medications 

5. Aquatabs

Use for: water purification 

How to use: dissolve 1 tablet in water and mix well, wait for 30-40 minutes before drinking 

6. Gaviscon Tablets

Active ingredients: sodium alginate, potassium bicarbonate 

Use for: indigestion, heartburn, hiatus hernia, reflux  esophagitis 

How to take: take 1 tablet after meals and at bedtime 

7. Lozenges

Active ingredient: benzocaine / eucalyptus oil/ zinc gluconate glycin /  pectin / dextromethorphan 

Use for: sore throat 

How to take: suck 1 tablet as and when necessary 

8. Sodium Chloride 0.9% Ampules

Use for: irrigate eyes, cleaning wounds 

How to use: twist off top, pour into eyes or over wound 

9. Antiseptic Cream

Use for: minor wounds and cuts 

How to use: apply a thin layer 3-4 times a day after cleaning wound 

10. Waterproof Plasters

Use for: protecting wound 

How to use: after washing wound with sodium chloride 0.9% solution and applying a thin layer of antiseptic cream, apply waterproof plaster and make sure dressing does no touch water for the next few days. 

I hope you find this list useful. All these travel medications and first aid supplies can be found in drugstores such as Guardian and Watson.  

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