How and Where to Get Tax Refund in Taipei Central Station

Foreign travelers to Taiwan (officially the Republic of China) can advantage of the government’s sales-tax (VAT) refund system if they spend more than NTD$2000 in a single shop on the same day. 

Although Taiwan’s VAT rate is only 5%,  the savings can be quite substantial if you are buying big-ticket items like electrics or home appliances. 

Who is eligible for sales-tax refund in Taiwan?

  • Foreign travelers with foreign passports who stay no longer than 813 days from date of arrival 
  • Taiwan passport without personal ID number recorded 
  • Exit & Entry holders
  • Temporary Entry Permit holders (only eligible for use in claims at international airports or ports, not applicable for on-site or designated tax refund service outside of airports or ports) 

Where can I get tax refund in Taiwan?

Taiwan Tax Refund 台湾退税 6

  • Tax Refund counters in airports and ports 
  • Authroized “Taiwan Tax Refund” – labeled stores (you can search here)
  • Designated counters for tax refund service 

My Tax Refund Experience in Taipei

Taiwan Tax Refund 台湾退税 1

My friends and I stumbled upon ABC Mart while we were shopping in Taipei City Mall. Apparently, ABC Mart is a popular shoe chain in Taipei originating from Japan. You can find many popular shoes brands from Nike to Vans. There is a huge range of shoes and we bought quite a few pairs. 

I am not sure about the other outlets, but the ABC Mart in Taipei City Mall is apparently a “Taiwan Tax Refund” authorized store and the cashier asked if we want to get a tax refund. Although it’s not much money but we decided to get the tax refund simply for the experience. The staff printed out “Foreign Passengers Purchase Specific Goods Tax Refund Detail” and asked me to go to the customers service counter of Breeze Plaza. 

Taiwan Tax Refund 台湾退税 5

ABC Mart in Taipei City Mall apparently is part of Breeze Plaza located within the hall of Taipei Station. I was asked to visit the customer service counter of Breeze Taipei Station located on level 2 of Breeze Plaza. It is near to the food court. 

Taiwan Tax Refund 台湾退税 3

Taiwan Tax Refund 台湾退税 4

I told the lady at the customer service counter that I would like to get a VAT refund. She led me to the Tax Refund Service Counter located opposite 瓦城 Express (Thai Town Cuisine Express).

Taiwan Tax Refund 7 

You need to have these things ready to get a VAT refund in Taiwan:

  • Application Form for VAT Refunds
  • Passport or entry document 
  • Original receipt of purchase of goods over NTD$2000 in the same “Taiwan Tax Refund”-labeled store on the same day 
  • The goods purchased 

After deducting 14% “handling fee”, the remaining amount of  5% VAT refund will be given to you in cash.

That’s it! This is how to go about getting a on-site small-amount VAT refund. 

For VAT refund in airports and ports, please refer to this website

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