Sydney Fish Market – Every Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Although it is nowhere near the size of the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, the Sydney Fish Market is the largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. 

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This is where the locals go to get their seafood. You can learn to cook all the delicious seafoods with experienced chefs at Sydney Seafood School.

Located at Blackwattle Bay in Pyrmont, the Sydney Fish Market can be accessed by Sydney Light Rail, buses and cars. Please visit Sydney Fish Market’s website for more information about transportation options. 

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You can get every imagainable type of seafood here at Sydney Fish Market. From the usual prawns and crabs to the more exotic sea urchin, 13500 tonnes of seafood are sold in Sydney Fish Market annually. 

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Besides being a fish market, the Sydney Fish Market is also the best place to have a seafood fiesta.  The retail arcade houses 27 retailers that sells everything from seafood to breads and wines. 

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You can get freshly-shucked oysters at this stall. You can choose your preferred species of oysters such as Native Angasi Oyster or Tasmanian Pacific. 

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You can also get seafood cooked the way you want it at one of the 13 seafood shops. Fish Monger BBQ Grill seems to be extremely popular. 

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There are two bakeries in Sydney Fish Market, Blackwattle Deli and Gregory’s Bread. You can not only buy freshly-baked breads but delicious cheeses as well to make your meal complete. 

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Waterside Fruit Connection at the back of Sydney Fish Market is a supermarket of beautiful-arranged fruits of every kind. 

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End your meal with some fruit desserts. Dark Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Dip Figs or Milk Chocolate Strawberries, anyone? 

There is also a gift ship, a fishing equipment shop and a kiosk that sells coffee and ice-cream. Sydney Fish Market may not be very big, but it has everything you need. 

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There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas in Sydney Fish Market. Having a meal besides the harbour is one of the pleasures of life, but be careful of the seagulls. These buggers are not scared of humans at all, and they will peck at your food if you are not looking.

Sydney Fish Market

Address: Pyrmont Bridge Road, Sydney NSW 2009, Australia

Opening Hours: Daily 7am – 4pm

Telephone: +61290041100


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