SuperPark Singapore – Indoor Playground for Children and Adults

When I was working in Suntec City Mall, I walked pass SuperPark Singapore almost everyday. I could see children shouting in excitement, it looks so fun.

I always dismissed it as children’s playground until a friend told me that adults can play there too. My friends and I decided to try it out.


SuperPark Singapore 5

Even though SuperPark Singapore accepts walk-ins, you are encouraged to buy your tickets beforehand to avoid disappointment especially on weekends.

After showing the counter your reservation email, you will need to pay $3.50 per pair of yellow and purple socks with rubber soles. These SuperPark grip socks must be worn at all times when in the park.

You can store your personal belongings in the lockers at S$5 for first 2.5 hour and S$1 for every subsequent hour.

As you will be moving a lot, athletics wear or gym outfit is recommended for optimum fun and comfort.

After removing our shoes, storing our valuables in the locker and putting on the socks, we are ready to start playing!

Upper Level

The upper level is more suitable for younger children.

Quite a big area of the upper floor is dedicated to Kid’s Gym. This area is dedicated to toddlers and preschoolers. There are fun and educational games to help children hone their motor skills.

The most interesting on this level for me is the Pedal Car Track. There is no height restriction for this activity, even adults like us are allowed to play. It’s tiring but fun to race friends though the tracks.

I also tried to climb the equipment, towers and tunnels in Kid’s Adventure City. This will be fun is there are more people playing but my friends were not interested.

SuperPark Singapore 2

Tube Slide is another fun activity. Dragging the tube-tyre up the “hill” is quite a challenge but the thrill of sliding down makes it worthwhile.

Lower Floor

The lower  floor is where things get exciting. This floor is mainly for big kids (adults) like us. There are so many activities to explore, 2 hours pass by so quickly!

Flying Fox is not as easy as it looks. You will first have to climb up the ramp dragging the seat with you. It’s fun to try different ways to slide faster.

I like the Game Arena activities the most. We played almost everything but my favorites are Archery and Valo Jump.

SuperPark Singapore 3

I got a taste of baseball at Baseball. You will need to wear the helmet and gloves for your own protection. A ball fly at a really fast speed, it’s hard to hit them. I managed to hit a few, but it left my hands tingling.

SuperBall is best played with even number of people, split into two groups. This game tests your goal-shooting skills, try to score as many goals as possible before time’s up.

SuperBowling, SuperHoop and SuperPinball are all ball games which are fun but can be really tiring . SuperHoop is especially tiring as you need to throw the basketball at different distances.

I really enjoyed Valo Jump where you play games using trampoline to jump around. It’s really fun!

SuperPark Singapore 4

I finally got to try Archery, even though this is supposedly the easier version. It’s really hard to hit bill’s eye but I did it not once, but twice!

SuperPark is an especially great place for adults where they can let go of all their worries and just have fun. In a world which emphasizes on productivity, adults need to have a place to have fun too.

SuperPark Singapore

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall (North Wing) #02/447, Singapore 038983

Telephone: 62395360

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10.30am – 8pm, Friday – Sunday 9am – 9pm


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