Singapore Heritage Sites – 7 Places to Understand Singapore’s Heritage

Most foreigners and tourists only know Singapore as “garden city”, “lion city” or “food haven”. Many people only know about Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa and Orchard Road, but Singapore has much more to offer than just sightseeing.

Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that is truly multi-cultural. Singapore is mainly made up of four races – Chinese, Indians, Malays and Eurasians.

If you want to find out more about the multi-cultural heritage of Singapore, you should check out these 7 places: 

National Museum of Singapore

Singapore Heritage Sites 新加坡文化景点 - National Museum of Singapore
The national museum is always the best places to understand more about the culture and heritage of a country.
National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in Singapore.

Please read: National Museum of Singapore

Chinatown Heritage Centre

Singapore Heritage Sites 新加坡文化景点 - Chinatown Heritage Centre
Driven by famine, floods and unrest, and seduced by hope of a better life elsewhere, millions of Chinese left China during the 19th-20th centuries. Singapore was sought out as a place where one could make a living.
Chinatown Heritage Centre recreates the shophouse and cubicle living conditions of Chinatown in the 1950s.

Please read: Chinatown Heritage Centre

Indian Heritage Centre

Singapore Heritage Sites 新加坡文化景点 - Indian Heritage Centre
The Indian Heritage Centre on Campbell Road explores how Singapore Indians contributed to Singapore’s development in the past and present through exhibits and interactive stations.

Please read: Indian Heritage Centre

Malay Heritage Centre

Singapore Heritage Sites 新加坡文化景点 - Malay Heritage Centre

Housed in the bungalow that Malay royalties used to live in, Malay Heritage Centre showcases the heritage, culture and history of Malay Singaporeans through six galleries.

Please read: Malay Heritage Centre

Asian Civilisations Museum

Singapore Heritage Sites 新加坡文化景点 - Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum explores the diverse heritage cultures of Singapore and Asia, their interconnections, and connections with the world through themetically-organized galleries. 

Please read: Asian Civilisations Museum

Peranakan Museum

Singapore Heritage Sites 新加坡文化景点 - Peranakan Museum

The Straits Chinese peranakans in Singapore are not to be confused with the peranakan ethnic group which descended from Chinese settlers from southern provinces who came to the Malay archipelago between the 15th and 17th centuries. 

The Peranakan Museum explores the art and culture of Peranakan communities in Southeast Asia, but it is currently closed for renovations.

Eurasian Heritage Centre 

Eurasian Heritage Centre allows you to understand more about Singapore Eurasian history and culture through three galleries as well as cultural workshops and musical performances.

The Eurasian Heritage Centre is currently undergoing restoration and it is closed to the public. 

National Heritage Board

The National Heritage Board aims to foster nationhood, promote identity building, and champion the development of a vibrant cultural and heritage sector in Singapore.

The National Heritage Board is only open on weekdays during office hours, which makes it hard to visit for office workers like myself.

If there are any other heritage sites that you think should be on this list, please comment below. 

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