Singapore Day-Use Hotels – Hotels in Singapore with Day-Use Rooms

This post was originally published on my lifestyle blog, Ramble Tumble. Since it is about accommodation, I figured it will be useful to my Travel Kudos reader, so I decided to republish the post here. 

Singapore has a whole range of accommodations that suits every budget and need. From swanky 5-star hotels to unique boutique hotels to hostels, Singapore has it all. 

But what if you just want a place to crash and refresh yourself for a couple of hours and you don’t need to stay overnight? 

Let me introduce you to a new term that I have picked up recently – Day-Use Hotels. As the name implies, these are hotels that allow you to use the rooms for a certain number of hours during the daytime. 

If you are looking for day-use hotels in Singapore, you can give a try. There are about 10 budget hotels that has day-use rooms on this website, but all these hotels are not very near town area.

I have personally tried one of these budget hotels, called Sandpiper Hotel located near Little India. 

Singapore Day-Use Hotel 新加坡日间客房 1

 Singapore Day-Use Hotel 新加坡日间客房 2

Singapore Day-Use Hotel 新加坡日间客房 3

Singapore Day-Use Hotel 新加坡日间客房 4

As you can see from the photographs,  Sandpiper Hotel is similar to budget hotels like Hotel 81 and Frangrance Hotel. They are all basically no-frill hotels, but they are slightly cheaper than Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotel. You should expect to pay $50-80 for 4-6 hours of use. 

Here are a few other big-brand hotels in Singapore that offer day-use rooms. Please email or call to make a reservation:

Carlton Hotel

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 63388333

Available: 10am-6pm

Price Range: S$140-S$200

Royal Park City Hall

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 63363456

Available: 10am – 6pm

Price Range: S$200-S$300


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 63348888

Available: 10am – 5pm

Price Range: S$140 – S$190

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