Sang Kee Congee & Noodle – Yau Ma Tei’s Famous Congee Restaurant

Sang Kee Congee started out as an open-air food stall on Burd Street and it has now expanded in a four-shop operation. Its original flagship is located at its original spot in Sheung Wan, serving up Cantonese congee so good that even Hong Kong renowned food critic Chua Lam has written many rave reviews. Sang Kee Consomme Noodle just a few stores away is the other restaurant under the Sang Kee group, specialising in beef brisket noodles. 

Today, I would like to introduce to you Sang Kee Congee and Noodles in Yau Ma Tei.

Sang Kee Congee & Noodle 生记粥麵 1

The windows at the sides of the glass door are plastered with numerous newspaper clippings of rave reviews of the restaurant. It was even listed on CNN’s “Hong Kong Food: 40 Dishes We Can’t Live Without” where Sang Kee Congee was listed as the go-to place for congee.  

Sang Kee Congee & Noodle 生记粥麵 2

The outlet in Yau Ma Tei gives you the best of both worlds, serving up Sheng Kee’s signature beef brisket noodles and Cantonese congee in the spacious and well-lit space.

Sang Kee Congee & Noodle 生记粥麵 4

Triple Combination [HK$46] (I don’t know if this is the correct translation of 净食三拼) consists of sliced beef, beef brisket and beef tendons. Nothing leathery, every bite is tender and delicious. 

Sang Kee Congee & Noodle 生记粥麵 3

Each bowl of congee comes with a small bowl of homemade soy sauce, sliced spring onions and ginger. They may look ordinary but they add a whole new dimension to your congee. 

Sang Kee Congee & Noodle 生记粥麵 5

I really wanted to try their Fish Fillet and Meat Ball Congee [HK$50]which is supposed to be the signature of this establishment but it was sold out so I settled for a bowl of Fresh Pork Congee [HK$37]. They are super generous with the congee and the ingredients, the bowl is practically overflowing. The congee is almost grain-less, having been boiled for many hours. The congee itself is a little bland, but the fresh slices of pork and the addition of soy sauce, sliced spring onions and ginger adds another dimension to the velvety smooth congee. It is simple yet so filling. 

Sang Kee Congee & Noodle 生记粥麵 6

You can add vegetables, preserved egg or egg in your choice of congee for HK$7 each, every additional ingredient costs HK$8 and every extra bowl of condiments (soy sauce, spring onions and ginger) costs HK$2. Plain congee costs HK$11 for small bowl and HK$13 for large bowl. Homemade beef balls, squid balls, fish balls and cuttlefish balls can be purchased at HK$80 per pound. Takeaways are welcome, add HK$1 for pickups. 

Sheng Kee Congee & Noodle

Address: 9 Tung Fong Street, Yau Ma Tei (MTR Yau Ma Tei Exit A2, opposite YMCA)

Telephone: +852 2770-6099

Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm (closed on Sundays and traditional Chinese festivals)

Sang Kee Congee 

Address: 7-9 Burd Street, Sheung Wan (MRT Sheung Wan Exit A2)

Telephone: +852 2541 1099

Opening Hours: 6.30am – 9pm (closed on Sundays)

Sang Kee Consomme Noodle

Address: 20 Murray Street, Sheung Wan 

Telephone: +852 2541 8199

Opening Hours: 7am – 8.45pm

Sang Kee Congee (Quarry Bay)

Address: 995 King’s Road, Wai Fong Court Shop B 

Telephone: +852 2811 8103

Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm

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