Red Dynasty Paintball Park – My First Paintball Experience

I have always wanted to try paintball but never got the chance to until a meetup group hosted a paintball session at Red Dynasty Paintball Park.

Who Can Play Paintball? 

The minimum age requirement to play paintball is 14 years old. Red Dynasty Paintball Park requires all particular below 18 years old to get parental consent (sent through email).

Do I Need to Make a Booking?

You must have a confirmed pre-booked appointment before you can play at Red Dynasty Paintball Park. You can make a booking by either calling 66594782 / 66598095 / 67557537, email [email protected] or fill in the online form.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 2

These are Red Dynasty Paintball Park’s normal paintball packages. There are various packages depending on the  number of players and number of games you want to play.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park has come up with these Circuit Breaker Phase III packages in line with  Covid-19 safe-distancing management guidelines.

Your booking is only confirmed when you receive a confirmation email from Red Dynasty Paintball Park. 

All participants also need to fill in the indemnity form before they are allowed to play. This indemnity form is basically saying that you understand paintball does have some risks and that you, as a player, are aware of those risks and still agree to play the game.

What to Bring and Wear for Paintball

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 3

  • Wear comfortable long-sleeved top and pants that you don’t mind getting stains on. Even though the paint inside the paintballs are just oil and food colouring (which can be washed off), it is better to wear clothes that you do not mind stains just in case.
  • Bring enough water to hydrate yourself.
  • If you wear spectacles, wear contacts instead as your spectacles will fog up in the paintball mask, hindering your vision. Your spectacles can also damage during the game, causing hurt to your eyes.
  • You must wear covered shoes.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park Location 

Red Dynasty Paintball Park is located near to The Grandstand in Bukit Timah (formerly known as Turf City)

The nearest MRT station is Sixth Avenue on Downtown Line. Take Exit B and walk along Dunearn Road, take a right turn into Turf Club Road. Walk 10-15 minutes and you have arrived at The Grandstand.

Facing the field with The Grandstand at your back, walk another 10 minutes and you will reach Red Dynasty Paintball Park.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 10

There is supposedly a free shuttle bus that runs between Botanic Gardens MRT, Sixth Avenue MRT and The Grandstand. I tried to take the shuttle bus after the paintball game but I gave up after waiting for 30 minutes. I’m not sure if the shuttle bus is still in service. 

Registration at Red Dynasty Paintball Park 

After doing SafeEntry check-in and temperature-taking, I registered myself at the front desk. The staff made sure I have filled out the indemnity form and gave me a blue wristband to put on my wrist. 

The staff directed me to go all the way in where I found the rest of the meetup group. After putting my bag on the metal rack behind the table, I took a seat on the bench and listened to the pre-game briefing. 

Paintball Briefing Instructions

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 4The package that we booked is called Phase III Paintball Package @ Turf City (Bukit Timah) at S$250/5 persons. Additional players at S$55 per person which works out to be S$51.875 per person for our group of 8 players. It is about 1.5 hours with unlimited missions and 2000 paintballs per group. 

Our facilitator briefed us on the paintball equipment that we will be using. 

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 6The paintball marker is a rifle-looking gun that is preloaded with 200 paintballs. It fires at 90 miles per second which can be very painful if it hits someone. A safety plug and lock/unlock switch near the trigger ensures you do not hit someone by accident. 

The paintballs are small round balls around 5cm in diameter (the ones we got  were green). The paint inside is made of oil and food coloring so it will not harm you even if you accidentally taste some. The paint will not stain your clothes as long as you wash it on the day itself. 

We were also given a paintball mask each. All the girls were given chest protectors, guys are encouraged to wear them too.

You can also buy disposable coveralls from Red Dynasty Paintball Park at S$10 a piece and additional paintballs at S$12 for 100 paintballs. 

Let’s Play! 

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 5The facilitator will recommend missions depending on number of participants, package purchased and time allocation. You will only know which mission you will be doing on the day itself.

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 7

The first game was Capture The Flag. Each team had to try to put their flag into the three flagpoles in the middle of the field. The team with most number of flags at the end of the game wins. Even though the game only lasted 8 minutes, it felt like 8 years. 

Red Dynasty Paintball Park 8

The second game was Hardpoint where both teams had to touch the hardpoint made of two stacked car tires for as long as possible. The team with the longest collective time wins.

After the two games, our facilitator brought those of us with remaining paintball to the firing squad to finish out paintballs.  

My Conclusion

Paintball was really fun but definitely not for the faint-hearted. Even with the paintball mask, chest protector and clothes, I still got bruises on my neck, lower lip, inner thigh and left elbow. Squatting to hide behind blockages made my thigh hurt so much that I couldn’t walk probably for the next 2 days. 

Besides paintball, you can also play laser tag, archery tag and foam darts at Red Dynasty Paintball Park. 

Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Address: 220 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288001

Telephone: 66594782

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 7pm


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