Pancakes On The Rocks – Pancakes Restaurant That Is Open 24/7

A few Australian friends went on a road trip around America in the late 1950s. They noticed the popularity of pancakes in American and they decided to bring this love of pancakes back to Australia. They opened their first restaurant in Adelaide in 1965 followed by another in Victoria. The original founders went on their separate ways and one of them opened Pancakes On The Rocks in 1975. 

Pancakes On The Rocks now has 6 other outlets in Northmead, Darling Harbour, Campbelltown, North Strathfield, Beverly Hills and on the Gold Coast in Queensland. 

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The original Pancakes On The Rocks is housed in the converted Campbell Storehouses, inside the Metcalfe Arcade. It can be a little difficult to spot, I spent half an hour walking around the whole building before I finally found the entrance.

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The main entrance is located on the second level, you will have to climb a flight of straits to reach it. 

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The wooden furnishings gives the restaurant a cosy and nostalgic feel while white florescent lights brightens up the place. 

There are two floors to this restaurant, so there is ample space for all. 

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Pancakes On The Rocks has been around for more than 40 years, quietly remaining the casual family restaurant that has something for everyone on the menu. 

Pancakes and crepes are the star at this restaurant and there are 17 sweet or savory pancakes and crepes options to choose from. You can view the full menu here

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If you have no idea which pancake to choose, go with their famous Pancake Stacks where you have  four options to choose from: Single Pancake [AUD$4.95], Short Stack (2 Pancakes) [AUD$7.95], Regular Stack (3 Pancakes) [AUD$8.95] or Long Stack (4 Pancakes) [AUD$9.95]. The thick and fluffy pancakes are served with a scoop of ice-cream,  generous dusting of icing sugar and a pitcher of maple syrup.

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If you want something more indulgent, try The Ultimate [AUD$15.95]. The crepes are filled with creamy cheese and sultanas, served with vanilla ice-cream and raspberry coulis. It is a little too heavy for me, but I won’t deny that it is sinfully delicious. 

It’s not all about pancakes and crepes at Pancakes On The Rocks. In an effort to have something for everyone, the restaurant also serves breakfast, starters, salads, pizzas and grilled items. Their Pork Ribs and Beef Ribs are hugely popular. 

The best thing about Pancakes On The Rocks are not the food itself (although the pancakes are definitely the best I have eaten so far) but the fact that it is open 24 hours! Yes, the flagship Pancakes On The Rocks store at Hickson Road is open throughout the day! You will never have to worry about having nothing to eat, even in the middle of the night, because Pancakes On The Rocks is always open. How great is that! 

Pancakes On The Rocks 

Address: 4 Hickson Road, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia 

Telephone: +61 2 92476371

Opening Hours: 24 Hours – All Day 


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