Nagoya Hill Massage – Price List of 5 Massage Centers in Nagoya Hill

I love massages and massage in Batam is so much cheaper than in Singapore.  I have already written about Go! Massage and Dimension Spa where I did massage the last time I was in Batam. 

This time, I decided to try out a massage in Nagoya Hill. The massage centers are actually not inside the shopping mall, they are located in the shops next to the back of the shopping mall. 

I checked the price lists of 5 massage centers at Nagoya Hill to compare prices. I am posting them here so that you can see for yourself too. 

Nagoya Hill Massage: Eska Wellness Spa Massage & Salon

Nagoya Hill Massage Nagoya Hill 按摩 1

Eska Wellness Spa Massage and Salon is one of the most popular massage centers in Batam. They are often fully-booked, it is a good idea to call and book in advance whenever possible. I really wanted to try their massage since so many people were raving about it on TripAdvisor, but unfortunately they were fully-booked for the day.

Nagoya Hill Massage: Leben’s Spa

Nagoya Hill Massage Nagoya Hill 按摩 2
Leben’s Spa is just next to Eska Wellness Spa Massage and Salon. I was very tempted to do my massage here, the decorations and prices all looked very nice.


Nagoya Hill Massage: Thai Odyssey

Nagoya Hill Massage Nagoya Hill 按摩 3

This is where I eventually did my massage (you can read in detail here). I was very impressed with the grand and exquisite Thai decorations of this massage centre.

Nagoya Hill Massage: Massage Central by Spa Central

Nagoya Hill Massage Nagoya Hill 按摩 4

Massage Central by Spa Central looked pretty good too, there are Traditional, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture Fusion and Foot Reflexology massages available.

Nagoya Hill Massage: Java Traditional Massage

Nagoya Hill Massage Nagoya Hill 按摩 5

This massage centre looked very bare and unfurnished as compare to the other massage centers. I thought I will include it because it has traditional Javanese massage which is slightly different from the rest. 

These are just 5 of the massage centers that I saw and took pictures of the price lists. There are more than 10 massage centers along the shophouses at the back of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. 

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