Myanmar Salon Culture – Hair Washing with Upper Body Massage

A recent trip to a salon reminded me of Myanmar salon culture. In Singapore, we call it “wash and blow”, but in Myanmar, it is much more than that.

Myanmar Salon Culture 缅甸发廊文化 1

Even though Myanmar’s economy is still developing, there are many bars and salons in Myanmar. Myanmar Yellow Pages lists 820 salons but the number is far greater than that. I counted at least 3 salons on the street where my hotel in Bagan Wut Hmon Thit Guest House was located.

Myanmar salons are not showy, there are no fancy glass doors or decorations. There is always a small waiting area where friends and relative can relax while another gets her hair done.

Myanmar Salon Culture 缅甸发廊文化 2

They may not look that great, but Myanmar salons have all the hair treatments you need, from rebonding to coloring to perming, all at affordable prices.

The difference between Myanmar salon culture and other places such as Singapore lies in the hair-washing experience. In Singapore and most other places I have visited, you sit on reclining chairs and put your head back . In Myanmar, you get to lie comfortably on a bed while your hair is washed.

Myanmar Salon Culture 缅甸发廊文化 3

It is more than just hair-washing, you get a full upper body massage thrown in too. They start by doing a simple facial massage, followed by a head massage. After that, they move on to the neck, shoulders and upper back, finishing the massage with three loud smacks on the back that is supposed to dispel air from your body.

These ladies definitely know their stuff, judging from the fluid movements and how relaxed I felt afterwards. They joke and gossip while their hands work magic without missing a beat.

You would think that a hair wash like this would cost quite a bit, but it only costs Ks2800 which is around S$2 or US$1.50!

Myanmar salon culture is definitely one of the most underrated things to do in Myanmar. If you ever visit Myanmar, be sure to get your hair washed here, you will love it. It is an experience not to be missed.

No wonder you don’t see Myanmar people visiting massage shops like Bagan Massage or . Who needs massage shops when you can get a good massage with hair washing?

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