Mother Mash – Classic British Mash and Pie, Sticky Toffee British Pudding

Pie and mash is one of the most traditional and iconic British food. It is traditionally a working-class food as it is cheap, in plentiful supply and easy to prepare. Pie and mash restaurants have been in London since 19th century. 

Mother Mash 1

I searched the internet for a reputable mash and pie restaurant in London.  Mother Mash was the most convenient shop to reach from my hostel so I decided to get my mash and pie fix there. 

Mother Mash 2

Soho in the West End of London is a energetic dining and shopping district filled with streets of shops. The particular lane where Mother Mash is located is line with restaurants, but you should have no problem spotting Mother Mash with its lime green canopy. 

Mother Mash 3

At Mother Mash, the spud (another word for potato) is king. The mashed potato is made using locally-sourced potatoes and freshly-made in-house everyday. There are three steps of ordering at Mother Mash: 

Step 1: Choose your spud

Step 2: Choose your main (sausages or pies)

Step 3: Choose your gravy

Mother Mash 5

Mother Mash 6

I wanted to try the most traditional version of mash and pie, so I ordered Classic Mash + Traditional Mince Beef Pie + Traditional Gravy [£9.95] . The mashed potato is creamy and delicious, the minced beef pie is loaded with lots of minced and the rich gravy completes the meal. 

Mother Mash 7

Besides being known for their mash and pie, Mother Mash is also famous for their Sticky Toffee British Pudding [£4.95]. Sticky toffee pudding is a classic British dessert made with vanilla, coffee and finely-chopped dates. It tastes a little similar to molten chocolate cake but more rich and sticky. It is served with a rich toffee sauce and two scoops of vanilla ice-cream which makes it more divine. 

Mother Mash

Address: 26 Ganton Road, Soho, London W1F 7QZ, UK

Telephone: +44 20 7494 9644

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 10pm

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