Mido Cafe – Old School Cha Chaan Teng with More Than 60 Years of History

Mido Cafe 美都餐室 1

Opened in 1950, Mido Cafe is one of the oldest cha chaan teng in Hong Kong. Many Hong Kong movies and dramas such as “Goodbye Mr. Cool”, “PTU”, “Revolving Doors of Vengeance”and “Street Fighters” were shot here. This is also the place where Japanese drama “See You in Kowloon” was shot, drawing many Japanese to patronise this cafe. 

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Stepping into the dimly-lit space on the ground level  transports you to the olden days of Hong Kong. You will most likely be directed to the second floor accessible by a flight of steep and narrow steps. 

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The interior of Mido Cafe’s second floor dining area is largely unchanged , maintaining the look of 50s and 60s cha chaan teng with stained windows and tacky colorful wall tiles. 

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Mido Cafe used to be famous for its interpretation of Western dishes back in the olden days, and most of the dishes are still available today, done in the traditional Cantonese style like back in the old days.

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Mido Cafe 美都餐室 3

Mido Cafe serves a wide variety of both Western and local favorites. From noodles to sandwiches and omelettes, there are over 100 items to choose from.

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Milk Tea [HK$17 for Hot, HK$20 for Cold] is probably the most famous drink in all of Hong Kong, popularized by Hong Kong dramas and movies. Made by infusing evaporates milk into red tea, a sip of the silky drink will remind you that you are indeed in Hong Kong. 

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Coffee lovers will fall in love with Mido Cafe’s aromatic Coffee [HK$17 for Hot, HK$20 for Cold] which are freshly-brewed every morning. 

Mido Cafe 美都餐室 13

Mido Cafe was and still is famous for its French Toast [HK$22], a must-try for all first-timers to Mido Cafe. Two slices of soft white bread are coated with egg and deep-fried till slightly crispy. Served with a generous amount of butter and maple syrup, it definitely lives up to its name. 

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Mido Cafe 美都餐室 12

For something simplier, you can give the Thick Cut Butter Toast [HK$18] or Butter & Peanut Butter Toast [HK$13] a try, but nothing out of the ordinary. 

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Pineapple Bun with Butter [HK$15], more commonly known as “bo lo you” in Hong Kong, is another iconic Hong Kong food. The checkered top of this bun resembles that of a pineapple, hence the name “bo lo” which means pineapple. In Hong Kong, it is commonly served with a slab of butter. Buttery and fragrant, it is perfect for breakfast with a cup of milk tea or coffee, or as a snack. 

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Mido Cafe 美都餐室 15

Baked Spare Rib with Tomato Sauce [HK$68] was Mido Cafe’s signature dish for more than 60 years and it is definitely  worth a try. You will have to wait for 15-20 minutes as it is freshly-made upon order but it is well-worth the wait. Egg fried rice is topped with spare ribs and covered with sweet tomato sauce. The simple ingredients gives you a taste of the old Hong Kong

Mido Cafe is an old-school cha chann teng that many Hong Kong people grew up with. The staff are rude and impatient but the humble but delicious food makes this a must-visit for any true explorer. 

Mido Cafe

Address: 63 Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei (MTR Yau Ma Tei Station Exit C, Public Square Street Intersection) 

Telephone: +852 2384 6402

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 9pm 

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