Made’s Warung – Oldest Restaurant in Bali

Whenever I visit a place, I always like to visit the oldest restaurants. I visited the oldest fish and chips restaurant Rock & Sole Plaice in London a couple years ago and Made’s Warung during a recent trip to Bali.

Established in 1969, Made’s Warung is the oldest restaurant in Bali. It started off as a humble roadside stall in the 1960s when Kuta was still a sleepy fishing village. It has since grown into a cosmopolitan restaurant with 5 outlets in Bali.


Made's Warung - Featured Image

Dining at Made’s Warung feels like an invitation into a traditional Balinese home. The main restaurant still retains the ancient Balinese architectural style, with photographs and artwork telling stories of the olden days.

Made's Warung - Outdoor Seating

The courtyard is equally as beautiful,  with fairy lights illuminating the area. Rattan chairs and black barstools stand side by side of each other, the non-uniform tables and chairs adds to the homeliness of the place.


You can find a mixture of traditional Balinese cuisine, Thai food and Western dishes on Made’s Warung menu.

Made's Warung - Oxtail Soup

The Balinese really know how to make a mean Oxtail Soup (Soup Buntut) [IDR 150K]. The oxtail meat is a little tough but the soup is so fragrant with lots of vegetables.

Made's Warung - Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur [IDR 65K] is the Indonesia version of “mixed” rice. The plate consists of white rice with pork satay, stir-fried pork, stir-fried egg with French beans, loofah soup and fried pork skin.

Made's Warung - 1/2 Nasi Campur 1/2 Gado Gado

You can also get nasi campus combinations such as 1/2 Nasi Campur 1/2 Gado Gado [IDR 65K]. Gado gado is an Indonesian salad of blanched vegetables drenched in peanut sauce.

Made's Warung - Spare Ribs

It’s amazing how a Balinese makes such delicious Spare Ribs [IDR 150K]. The ribs are so well-marinated, every strand of the meat is infused with the sweet marinate.

Made's Warung - Squid Garlic Sauce

That Squid Garlic Sauce [IDR 110K] hit all the right spots. The squid are soft and chewy while the minced garlic sauce makes the dish so aromatic.

Made’s Warung

You can find the addresses, contact number and opening hours of all 5 Made’s Warung outlets as well as outlets in Jakarta and Amsterdam here.

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