La Droguerie du Marais – Delicious Crepes in Malais, Paris

Crepes are a type of thin pancake, filled with either sweet or savory fillings. 

Crepes is common in many European countries, North Africa and South America. 

Crepes is very popular in Paris, you will find a crepe shop every other street. I not only wanted to eat crepes, but I wanted to eat the BEST crepe in Paris. I consulted the trusty TripAdvisor which pointed me to La Droguerie du Marais which was awarded “Certificate of Excellence 2015-2018” by TripAdvisor. Patrons who have eaten there are full of praises for this crepe shop. 

La Droguerie du Marais it is. 

La Droguerie 1

I was half expecting La Droguerie du Marais to be a big trendy restaurant since it is so popular, but it turned out to be a small dainty shop. The exterior of the shop is painted baby blue color, “La Droguerie” is written in white capital letters above the door. It is so unassuming a shop that you will probably pass by it without realising. 

La Droguerie 3

La Droguerie 4

If the name is any indication of the origins of this shop, it probably used to be drugstore (“la droguerie” translates to “drugstore” in French). The cabinet behind the counter are filled with old photographs, bank notes from various countries and other vintage items. The candle chandelier hanging from the ceiling completes the Parisian look. 

The owner probably started selling crepes as crepes became popular. The crepes became his main source of income so he converted the drugstore  into a crepe shop. 

After you buy the crepe you want to eat at the window, you can eat your crepe at the counter, but there are only 4 seats.

La Droguerie 5

La Droguerie 2

La Droguerie 8

The crepes are made upon order. He spreads out a scoop of batter on the hot metal plate at the shop window using a metal roller. After one side is done, he flips the crepe over and cooks the other side. He then proceeds to add in the ingredients ordered and a delicious crepe is done. 

La Droguerie 7

There are lots of sweet crepe options available but Nutella and Banana [€4.50] is one of the most popular. The sweetness of the Nutella and sliced bananas mixes really well. This is definitely a crowd-pleaser, everyone from adults to kids will enjoy this sweet crepe.  

La Droguerie 6

This savory crepe is named Queen [€6] and it is indeed fit for a queen. Ham, cheese, mushrooms and olives – all my favorite ingredients in one crepe. The cheese becomes an extension of the crepe, creating a jumbled pattern that looks downright delicious. 

If you are looking for a place to try some tasty crepes in Marais area, do give La Droguerie du Marais a try. Tried and tested, you won’t regret it. 

La Droguerie du Marais

Address: 56 Rue Des Rosiers, 75004 Paris France

Telephone: +33 950995958

Opening Hours: Saturday – Thursday 11.30am – 11.30pm, Friday 3pm – 11.30pm

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