Klook 4G WiFi Router – Easy Pick Up and Stable Connection

As a travel blogger, staying connected to the internet while traveling is of utmost importance to me. I need to be able to check and reply to any comments on my social media and email in a timely manner. I have no sense of direction, especially in a foreign place, Google Map has saved me time and again. 

There are people who say that you can travel without buying a local SIM card or WiFi router. “There is free WiFi spots at shopping malls and Starbucks” they say. But let me tell you the truth, these free WiFi are not stable and have very low connectivity. It’s not difficult to understand why once you think about it. Thousands of people are connected to the same bandwidth at the same time, it’s bound to be slow. Moreover, you have to station yourself at the same spot which can be inconvenient. 

I rented WiFi router from Changi Recommends when I visited Japan and I bought local SIM cards when I was in Vietnam and Sri Lanka. For this Taipei trip, I decided to rent WiFi router with another company, Klook. 

I know that Klook have tours, but I didn’t realize that Klook does WiFi rental too until a colleague told me about it. Klook was having a promotion of 50% off WiFi router for first-time customers, so I decided to try it out. 

I went to Klook’s website to book the WiFi router and keyed in the promotion code. Viola! It works! I really got the 50% discount, so the WiFi router which was supposed to be S$11 became S$5.50 for 3 days in Taipei. 

You can choose to pick up your WiFi router at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei International Airport (Songshan Airport) or Kaohsiung International Airport. Since I will be arriving in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, I chose that. I selected the date and time of pick up and I am all set. 

Klook 4G WiFi Router 游客邦 4G WiFi 分享器 8

Klook 4G WiFi Router 游客邦 4G WiFi 分享器 9

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The pictures above are the location maps of Unite Traveler counters in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1, Taipei Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2, Taipei International Airport (Songshan Airport) and Kaohsiung International Airport respectively.

Klook 4G WiFi Router 游客邦 4G WiFi 分享器 1

For those who are picking their WiFi router at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport can follow my exact instructions. When you come out through the arrival gate of Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, walk all the way to the right and you should see this Unite Traveler counter. The staff are friendly and helpful and they can speak both English and Chinese. 

Klook 4G WiFi Router 游客邦 4G WiFi 分享器 2

Klook 4G WiFi Router 游客邦 4G WiFi 分享器 3

You can also rent Klook 4G WiFi router at the counter on the spot, but you run the risk of them not having enough WiFi router on hand. It is better to pre-book so you will not be left in a predictament. 

Klook 4G WiFi Router 游客邦 4G WiFi 分享器 4

This is how the Klook 4G WiFi router looks like. It can connect to 5 devices simultaneously and the price starts from NTD$188 for 1 day. 

Klook 4G WiFi Router 游客邦 4G WiFi 分享器 5

If you have any problem with your 4G WiFi router, please call Unite Traveler’s WiFi Customer Service at +886 979 771 300. 

The WiFi router works very well and the internet connection is very stable. The only downside is the battery drains very quickly if there are multiple devices connected to it, so you have to keep recharging the WiFi router. 

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