KK Garden Seafood – Halal Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu

We arrived at Kampung Air intending to try the seafood at Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant but we ended up eating at KK Garden Seafood instead.

KK Garden Seafood 天下之乡海鲜坊 1

KK Garden Seafood

KK Garden Seafood 天下之乡海鲜坊 2

KK Garden Seafood was really sneaky, putting their seafood tanks right in front of Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant. I believe many others have fallen victim to this trick.

KK Garden Seafood was halal-certified, I saw many Muslim families coming here to enjoy the seafood.

Even though we felt a little cheated because it was not the restaurant we wanted to eat at, but the food was really good so we had no complains.

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While waiting for our seafood to be cooked, the staff got us to order a Coconut Jelly which comes in an actual coconut husk. We liked that the jelly was not sweet with a lovely fragrance from the coconut water.

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My travel buddy finally got to have Mantis Shrimp that he has been wanting to eat. The mantis prawns are full of chewy meat while the garlic and chili provides great taste.

KK Garden Seafood 天下之乡海鲜坊 5

We learned from my mistake and asked for our Crabs to be steamed. These crabs were much bigger than the ones we had at Welcome Seafood Restaurant and they were full of meat.

KK Garden Seafood 天下之乡海鲜坊 6 KK Garden Seafood 天下之乡海鲜坊 7

I ordered Siput Tarik 东风螺 [RM 18 for 500gm, RM35 for 1kg] while my travel buddy ordered Blood Clam 血蛤 [RM 18 for 500gm, RM35 for 1kg] which were both well-cooked with no fishy smell.

KK Garden Seafood 天下之乡海鲜坊 8

Our favorite dish were these huge Tiger Prawn 老虎虾 [RM50/piece]. They were having a promotion where you get one free for every 3 pieces you ordered. These tiger prawns were huge and the flesh was so succulent, cooked in garlic butter sauce which really brought out the sweetness of the prawns.

KK Garden Seafood 天下之乡海鲜坊 9

Lastly, a plate of Brinjal to balance out all the seafood. The brinjal is soft and delicious, soaking up all the sauce perfectly.



My travel buddy and I really enjoyed the fresh seafood at KK Garden Seafood. Every dish was well-cooked and service was excellent.

KK Garden Seafood is halal-certified, so Muslims can also enjoy their delicious seafood with ease.

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KK Garden Seafood

Address: Jalan Tugu, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Telephone: +60 11 23660600

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am – 11.30pm

Facebook Page:

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