Keystone House Hostel – Small Cosy Hostel Lacks Entertainment

Keystone House Hostel 1

When I was choosing hostel to stay in London on Hostelworld, Keystone House Hostel was one of my strongest contenders.

It is near to King’s Cross Railway Station and St Pancras International and most of the review on Hostelworld are positive. There is 24-hour reception, free WiFi and clean linens. Reviews on Hostelworld says that the place is clean and the staff are marvelous. I decided to give it a try. 

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The moment you walk into Keystone House Hostel, you will see a red and black counter to the left where you can book tours. There is a couch and water dispenser to your right. The 24-hour reception is located behind this counter. This is also where you can rent (you are actually buying) towels, padlock, adaptors, umbrellas and toiletries for £5 each, safe deposit box for £2 a day. 

Keystone House Hostel 6

There is a small resting area with two chairs opposite the 24-hour reception with map of London as the backdrop and there is a wall of mini postcards that you can purchase.

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Keystone House Hostel 8

The kitchen is in the basement, where you can eat food bought from outside. 

The dormitories are located on the upper floors, accessed via a staircase opposite the 24-hour reception counter.

Keystone House Hostel 10

Keystone House Hostel 11

The all-female dormitory I opted for was located on level 2. It is a 12-bed female dormitory and every bed comes with a small square cupboard. The linens are already ready-made so you can use it right away. Each bed has a reading light and power points. 

There is a small laundry room attached to the dormitory where you can wash your clothes. 

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Keystone House Hostel 14

The toilets and showers are housed on the first floor which is a little inconvenient. I love the design of the shower cubicles. Each cubicle comes with a showering area with glass door and a drying area with wooden seat. The basins in the toilet are very big and there is ample counter space to put all your toiletries. 

Keystone House Hostel 15

All in all, Keystone House Hostel has excellent location although the stairs leading up to the rooms is a little narrow but manageable. There is even a Sainsbury Local grocery store right next to it that is open daily 7am – 11pm. What Keystone House Hostel sorely lacks is entertainment which Clink78 has done a very good job in.

Keystone House Hostel

Address: 272-276 Pentonville Road Kong’s Cross, London, England 



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