Cheap and Good Home Massage in Singapore: Call or Message +6591528509

Massage is addictive and I am helplessly addicted to massage. It’s been only a week since I went to Healing Touch and I am already itching for another massage. 

Searching thought my contact list, I found the name I was looking for – Eva. My colleague introduced me to a freelance massage therapist who is known simply as Eva. My colleague told me she is very good. Apparently, my colleague and her husband have been going to her for years. 

I thought I will give it a try and I texted Eva. Since she is so good, I was expecting her to be fully-booked and I was prepared to make an appointment next weekend. She replied, asking if I can make it about 1 hour later. It was a little rush but I decided to go for it.

Home Massage 上门按摩 1

A combination of MRT and taxi (it is in a unfamiliar neighborhood) brought me to a HDB flat. I rechecked the address that she gave me and pressed the doorbell. A petite lady with a huge smile welcomed me into her sparsely-decorated flat. 

She brought me to a small room with a massage bed and asked me to strip off my clothes. 

Home Massage 上门按摩 2

As I lay on the bed, my muscles relaxed as she worked on the tight knots in my body. I was amazed at how strong her hands are strength despite her small physic.

Eva works various jobs to support her two children. She works at a child care centre where she is known as Eva and she also works at a foot reflexology centre when she is not doing massage. 

Home Massage 上门按摩 3

Her father is a Chinese chiropractor (铁打师傅) and she learnt massage from him while growing up. She started doing massage for neighbors and the word spread. She has even done massage for a few Singapore celebrities. 

Eva does a wide range of massages, a few of them are: 
  • deep tissue massage 
  • pre-natal massage 
  • post-natal massage 
  • post-injury massage 
  • acupuncture point massage  

Eva does massage at her house or she can also do it at your house. Prices will vary according to the treatment given and the venue: 

Massage at her HDF flat: 

S$60-80 for 90-minute massage (package of 10 90-minute sessions + 1 free session) 

Massage at customer’s house: 

S$88 onwards for 90-minute massage (package of 10 90-minute sessions + 1 free session) 

Eva is a skilled masseur and her prices are the cheapest price I have seen so far in Singapore. If you want to book an appointment, please call or message +6591528509. 

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