Hike Up Lion Hill on Kapas Island – Challenging but Doable Hike

On Kapas Island, besides snorkelling, banana boat and other water activities, another activiy to consider is hiking to Lion Hill. I did it on a recent Kuala Terengganu and Kapas Island Weekend Getaway and I conquered it. 

You can choose to either take a boat (RM$15-20 per person) or hike to Lion Hill. I would recommend taking a boat over hiking. It so happened that the water was too shallow to take a boat to Lion Hill on that day so we had no choice but to hike there. 

Bukit Singa (Lion Hill) Hike 攀登棉花岛狮子山 1

The hiking route is rather straightforward – just follow the coast of Pulau Kapas. What makes this hike especially challenging is the lack of proper hiking trail. You will have to alternate between wading in the sea and climbing coastal rocks. 

If for one reason or another, you decide to hike to Lion Hill for whatever reason, make sure you bring along these items: 

  • Aquashoes: There will be many times during the hike when you have to wade through water that reaches up to your waist, those so-called “waterproof shoes” will not be of much help. Get a pair of aquashoes which are made to be quick-dry and breathable. 
  • Thick Work Gloves: You will need these when you stabilise yourself climbing the coastal rocks. Make sure they are thick to protect your hands against any scratches.
  • Waterproof Dry Bag: If you need to bring anything with you during the hike, make sure you use a waterproof dry bag. The rocks in the water are often covered with algae which makes them slippery. There is a high chance you will slip while wading in the water and your things will get wet if you use a regular backpack. 
  • Water: It is essential to stay hydrated while hiking so make sure you bring enough water. 
  • Sunblock: It is scotching hot on Kapas Island most of the time so make sure you apply and bring along sunblock to prevent getting sunburn. 

Bukit Singa (Lion Hill) Hike 攀登棉花岛狮子山 2

The climb up to Lion Hill is more like rock-climbing than hiking. It is nearly vertical and there are no railings to hold onto. It’s challenging but doable and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the surrounding sea. 

Hiking is not something I can describe to you in words, you have to experiment it for yourself. I challenge you to hike to the summit of Lion Hill on Kapas Island. 

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