Curry House 11 Imasa – Curry Rice Restaurant in Shinjuku Station with 50 Year History!

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If you are in Shinjuku Station and you are looking for a place to have a quick bite, let me introduce you to Curry House 11 Imasa. Since its establishment in 1964, Curry House 11 Imasa has been feeding generations of Japanese people.

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Curry House 11 Imasa opens at 7am daily, making it the perfect place to grab a quick bite before heading to work. From 7am – 10.30am, there are Morning Service Set Plate such as Egg Croquette [400 Yen], Sausage & Soft-Boiled Egg [410 Yen], Fried Minced-Meat [440 Yen] and Hamburger [460 Yen] or you can choose from one of the Morning Time Service Curry: Morning Service Pork Curry [370 Yen], Morning Service Chicken Curry [370 Yen], Morning Service Beef Curry [400 Yen] or Morning Service Set Plate Vegetable Curry [460 Yen].

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Located at Keio Mall Street at Shinjuku South Exit, Curry House 11 Imasa prides itself on its fast service. You just have to order your choice of curry rice at the vending machine located at the entrance of the restaurant. If you have problem understanding Japanese, use the laminated English menu hanging besides the machine for reference.

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After making payment at the vending machine, you will get a slip of paper with your order written on it. Find a seat at the counter which can seat up to 25 people at any one time and pass the slip of paper to the staff standing in front of the counter.

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This is Hashed Beef Rice [620 Yen] which is also known as hayashi rice, a popular Western-style dish in Japan. The thick demi-glace sauce is made of tomato sauce and red wine, cooked with beef, onions and button mushroom.

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This is Chicken Cutlet Curry [530 Yen], one of the most common curry dish readily available in all Japan and overseas. The chicken cutlet is fried till extremely crispy and it goes very well with the fragrant curry.

Besides curry rice, Curry House 11 Imasa also serves salads. You can also buy packaged curry such as Retort Beef Curry Roux [320 Yen], Retort Beef Curry Roux Set (5 Packs) [1450 Yen], Packed Pork Curry Roux (2 person)[450 Yen], Packed Chicken Curry Roux (2 person) [450 Yen], Packed Beef Curry Roux (2 person) [500 Yen] and Packed Indian Spicy Curry Sauce with Chicken (2 person) [650 Yen]. All the takeaway curry contain the said ingredient, you just have to warm it up for a quick meal.

Curry House 11 Imasa may not be the best curry rice restaurant in Tokyo, but its location in Shinjuku Station and its opening hours makes it an excellent place to grab a bite at any time of the day.

Curry House 11 Imasa

Address: Shinjuku Ward Nishi, Shinjuku 1 South Exit Underground Street No 1 Keio Mall Street

Telephone: 03-3348-3011

Fax: 03-3348-2069

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 11pm; Saturday 7am – 11.30pm; Sunday and Public Holidays 7am – 10pm

Website: (only available in Japan, use Google Chrome to auto-translate)