Chang Moi Noodle – Rice Noodles Stall with More Than 40 Years History

I am so glad I took up my DewyHouse host, Chim’s advise to check out Nimmanahaeminda Road. I stumbled upon Mont Nom Sod, one of the most popular dessert shop in Thailand. 

Chang Moi Noodle 1

Just a few steps next to Mont Nom Sod is an inconspicuous stall called Chang Moi Noodle. It is not popular but it has been around since 1975 which means that it has over 40 years of history! This stall in Nimmanahaeminda Road is its second branch but I can’t find any information on the first branch.

Chang Moi Noodle 2

Chang Moi Noodle specialises in pork noodles which is an iconic noodle dish in Thailand. It is basically the same as the kway teow commonly found in Singapore, except the rice noodles in Thailand are thinner. 

Chang Moi Noodle 4

The bestsellers here at are Noodle Soup with Pork [THB$50] and Spicy Mixed Pork Noodle [THB$50]. Since I can’t really take spicy food, I went went with Noodle Soup with Pork. You have a choice of thin rice noodle, rice noodle, flat big rice noodle, egg noodle and vermicelli for the noodles. The kind Thai lady recommended that I choose thin rice noodle and I decided to go with her suggestion. The soft thin rice noodles sits in a clear pork broth, accompanied by pork balls, two halves of hard-boiled egg and two fried wanton. It is simple yet very satisfying. 

Chang Moi Noodle 3

Besides noodles, Chang Moi Noodle also offers soups and side dishes such as Grilled Back Bone with Black Pepper Sauce [TH$B60] which looks really appetising. I will definitely try that when I visit again. 

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