Burger & Lobster (Soho) – Beef Burgers and Wild Lobsters

SANDEMANs NEW Europe Free Tour of London ended at Parliament Square. I was feeling a little hungry so I decided to look for a restaurant to have some lunch. 

I remembered from my earlier research that a famous burger restaurant is around the area, so I decided to try and find it. 

Burger and Lobster 1

Established in 2011, Burger & Lobster was the brainchild of George Bukhov and his three friends. Burger & Lobster has since become an international sensation and there are now 9 outlets in London and 7 international outlets in New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Genting Highlands, Kuwait City and Singapore. 

Burger and Lobster 2

As the name suggests, Burger & Lobster is all about burgers and lobsters. That’s the beauty of this restaurant, they focus on two ingredients and make them the best. 

Burger and Lobster 3

I went to the outlet at Soho since it was the nearest to me. This outlet is decorated with brick walls, red leather sofa chair and orange lights that reminds me of old British pubs. 

Burger and Lobster 4

Burger and Lobster 5

The bar is fully-stocked and the bartender can conjure up pretty much any cocktail that you ask for, it’s almost a crime not to order one of the beautiful cocktails. This is Mandarin Cooler [£5], a refreshing non-alcoholic  cocktail of mandarin, mint, apple and lime that cleanses your palate for the great meal ahead. 

Burger and Lobster 6

Burger & Lobster’s Crispy Calamari [£7.50] may not be the signature dish here, but it is definitely worth the extra calories. It is not as fluffy as Dallas Restaurant & Bar’s Salt and Pepper Calamari nor is it as succulent as Manly Fish Market’s Calamari. The deep-fried outer skin is crispy yet a little oily after a few mouthfuls but the flesh inside retains its tenderness. 

Burger and Lobster 7

Burger and Lobster 8

Original Roll [£25] where chilled Atlantic lobster meat is sandwiched in their signature toasted brioche roll, served with a pitcher of Japanese mayonnaise and lemon, salad and fries. Many reviews on TripAdvisor recommended this, so I decided to get one. The lobster meat is so fresh and sweet and the soft brioche roll goes well with it. 

I may not have tried what Burger & Lobster is really famous for – Nebraskan beef burger and live wild Canadian lobster – but I am not sad at all. Burger & Lobster is opening its first outlet in Singapore’s newly-opened Changi Airport Jewel. I don’t have to go to Genting Highlands or London for my fix of Burger & Lobster. 

You can find information about all the Burgers & Lobsters outlets here

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