Bangkok Canal One Day Pass – Explore Bangkok at THB$200/Day

Call me ignorant but I didn’t know that boat is a form of transportation in Bangkok. Sure, I see the canals on maps, but I didn’t know that you can actually take a boat from one place to another.

You can read more about the different types of boats, prices and operating hours at

In 1782, King Rama I ordered the first canal to be dug as moat to protect Rattanakosin Island, home to the Grand Palace and original centre of Bangkok. By 1850, the second and third parallel canals had been dug. The city grew and the canals were used primarily for irrigation, drainage and transportation. Throughout the 19th century, the system of canals was expanded and it became the lifeblood of the city. Today, many canals have been filled in and paved over to make room for roads, but the massive network of waterways is still very much alive. 

Bangkok Canal One Day Pass 曼谷河运一日票 1

When I alighted at Pratunam Pier, I saw this poster. Upon enquiry, I found out that this is a new tourist boat aptly named Bangkok Canal. A one day pass costs THB$200 which gives you unlimited rides on the tourist boats from 9.30am – 6pm. 

Bangkok Canal One Day Pass 曼谷河运一日票 4

Bangkok Canal One Day Pass 曼谷河运一日票 5

This is the Bangkok Canal map. Bangkok Canal has 6 stops from New Town to Old Town. The map shows the different attractions at each stop. You can download the map from here: front and back

Bangkok Canal One Day Pass 曼谷河运一日票 3

Bangkok Canal One Day Pass 曼谷河运一日票 2

The Bangkok Canal boats are big and spacious with clean plastic seats. I love seating at the front deck and watch the scenery from both sides of the river banks. 

Bangkok Canal is great for tourists who want to visit all the attractions along the Khlong Saen Saep canal for a fixed price. 


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