Bagan Massage – Two Massage Shops I Have Tried in Nyaung-U, Bagan

After a long day of sightseeing in Bagan, I really needed a good massage to soothe my tired muscles. 

Even though Bagan is not as developed as other parts of the country, there are 3-4 massage shops in Nyaung-U where I stayed. I have personally tried out 2 of these massage shops.

Siam Body & Foot Reflexology

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You won’t find Siam Body & Foot Reflexology if you search for “Bagan massage” on Google. Siam Body & Foot Reflexology is the sister company of Siam Laundry where I got my clothes washed. The massage shop is operated by two shy Myanmar girls.

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Siam Body & Foot Reflexology has 4 types of massage – Herbal Oil Massage, Body Massage, Foot Reflexology and Thai Herbal Heat Revival. K13000 for 1 hour is roughly equivalent to S$13 for 1 hour massage which is really cheap. 

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I was having very bad neck and shoulder soreness, the two girls customized the massage for me. I got an 1-hour Neck, Shoulder and Feet Massage for the same price as the Body Massage [K13000]. The girl did a very good job of easing my neck and shoulder tightness, working on my muscles knots with all her might. I got a solid 1-hour massage, none of that massage strokes that does nothing. 

Acacia Spa & Salon

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On my second night in Bagan, I wanted to try a different massage shop. Acacia Spa & Salon (it is now called Acacia Day Spa) had many positive reviews on TripAdvisor, so I thought I would give it a try.

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Acacia Spa & Salon was better-furnished and offered more services than Siam Body & Foot Reflexology. Not only was there massage, there was also shampooing, manicure and pedicure and sunburn recovery.

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I opted for a 45-minute Head and Shoulder Massage [K12000] and it was alright. It was like a typical Thai massage with massage oils and all, but I do wish the masseur could have used more strength. I didn’t feel as refreshed as after my massage at Siam Body & Foot Reflexology. 

I personally prefer Siam Body & Foot Reflexology for its solid massage but Acacia Spa & Salon offer more services. 

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