AJ Hackett Bungy in Sentosa – My First Bungy Experience

I have finally ticked off bungy jump off my bucket list and I did it at AJ Hackett in Sentosa. Let me tell you all about my AJ Hackett Bungy experience.

Buying Tickets for AJ Hackett Bungy 

AJ Hackett Bungy is really popular and you will have to wait for hours if you walk-in without a booking. I strongly suggest that you get the tickets first. 

The Bungy jump itself is S$89 and Media Pack is S$59 which costs S$148 in total. 

You can prebook your AJ Hackett (Sentosa) bungy jump on AJ Hackett website.

You can use your SingaporeRediscover vouchers for your AJ Hackett Bungy.

Getting to AJ Hackett (Sentosa) 

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 1AJ Hackett is located on Siloso Beach, Sentosa. 

I took Sentosa Express from VivoCity and alighted at Beach Station. I then walked 1.1km (15-20 minutes) along Siloso Beach Walk and reached AJ Hackett (Sentosa).

If you decide to walk like I did, be ready to sweat in the sweltering heat.

Alternatively, you can take the beach tram but the beach trams are not very frequent. If you are in a hurry, it’s better to walk. 

Upon Arrival

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 2After checking-in to AJ Hackett using SafeEntry, the staff asked me to fill in an indemnity form on a tablet. 

At the registration counter, the staff reconfirmed with me that I was doing AJ Hackett Bungy. She asked me to remove bags, shoes and accessories and stand on the weighing machine beside the registration counter. She wrote my weight on my right hand backside and “#3” on the left.

Since I went alone and there was no one to help me take care of my belongings, she let me put my stuff behind the registration counters. 

A staff put a blue wrist band on my right wrist, gave me my “boarding pass” and directed me to take the lift up to level 17. 

On Level 17

At 47 meters, it is very windy on level 17 and the view from up here is breathtaking. You can even see the sea in the distance. 

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 3AJ Hackett Skybridge is also on level 17. It is 40 meters long and 47 meters high but it doesn’t look scary at all. It apparently also features see-through glass sections and Glass Cube to test your fear of height. Eva has done a good review of AJ Hackett Skybridge, you can read about it here

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 4A few steps away is Sunset Deck for watching sunset which is just artificial turf flooring with a few tables and chairs. This could be a nice place for people to hangout if AJ Hackett put a bar with decent finger food and drinks plus some nice music.

Preparation for AJ Hackett Bungy

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 5I walked over the bungy jump area and watched in a mix of horror and fascination as the people in front of me did their jumps. 

All too soon, it was my turn. The bungy instructor asked me to remove my slip-on shoes and socks because they might fall off during the jump. He double-confirmed my weight using the the weighing machine outside the Bungy Jump Area. He then gave me a safety harness and taught me how to put it on.

The instructor clipped a safety cord to the front of my safety harness, opened the gate to the Bungy Jump Area and led me in. 

The bungy instructor asked me to sit on the metal table on the left with my legs bent. He wrapped my ankles with a thick brown towel and fastened the ankle straps. 

The instructor asked me to take out my face mask and hang it at the back of my body harness with a clip. He also strapped a GoPro camera to my right wrist and got me to do a short introduction video. 

You can opt to either not touch the water in the pool below, let your hair touch the water or let half your body get wet. I opted not to touch water. 

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 7After rechecking to make sure that everything is in place, I was asked to slowly move to the edge of the platform. It was impossible to “move” with my ankles tightly tied together, “amble” would have been more accurate. Standing at the edge of the bungy jump platform facing the sea in the distance, the realization of what I was about to do finally hit me. I mentally cursed myself “I must be crazy to willingly jump to my death.” 

I was supposed to jump head-down when the instructor finished his 10-second countdown but I forgot everything and just stepped off the platform. 

This is definitely the most scary thing I have done so far. I was screaming the whole way down. The shock cord bounced me a few times until all the kinetic energy was used up.

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 6A staff raised a long rod with a hoop at its end and asked me to hold onto it tightly. He pulled me to the recovery bed, took an ending video and unfastened all the safety equipment and GoPro camera.

It took me a minute to orientate myself and regain my sense of balance. I exited the pool area, went up to level 17 to retrieve my shoes and bag from behind the registration counter.

After that, I waited patiently in front of the big screen on ground floor to see the video of my jump. 

I waited ….

and waited … 

and waited …

After waiting for 15 minutes, I went to the counter to enquire about my video. The staff was as puzzled as I was. We went through the videos of the people who did bungy jump before and after me but my video was nowhere to be found. 

The staff asked me to wait at the sheltered seating area. I sat there and listened to the screams of people attempting AJ Hackett Giant Swing while they tried to find my video and photographs. After an hour of waiting, they finally concluded that for some weird reason, they couldn’t find my video and photographs. I was given a free voucher to redo my bungy jump within 3 months. 

AJ Hackett Bungy 蹦极 8Yes, so I went back two months later, on my birthday, and went through this whole ordeal again. The jump was just as scary as the first time but I have finally done it! 

This time, I finally got my video and photographs, plus an e-certificate too. 

I probably won’t want to do bungy jump ever again but if I ever do, AJ Hackett will be my top choice. The care and attention that the staff has shown during the two times I did AJ Hackett Bungy makes me feel very safe. 

AJ Hackett Bungy is also available in Cairns, Macau, Normandie, Sochi and Moscow. 

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