After You Dessert Cafe – Kakigori, Thick Toasts, Coffee Drinks and More

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May started baking since 10 years old and she wanted to share the love of good coffee and desserts with everyone. She opened the first After You Dessert Cafe in 2007 right after college. 

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After You Dessert Cafe’s menu consists of thick toasts, kakigori, pancakes and hot/cold coffee drinks. You can find the full toast, desserts, breakfast and beverages menu on After You Dessert Cafe’s website.

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You can also buy pre-packaged bottled drinks, puddings and milk buns from the display cabinet. 

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This is After You Dessert Cafe’s signature dessert, Thai Tea Kakigori [THB$255]. Kakigori is literally the Japanese version of ice kachang, where flavoured jelly, azuki beans topped with flavoured shaved ice. I really like this Thai Tea version which really tastes like Thai milk tea. The mountain of shaved ice is topped with whipped cream which covers the top like a canopy. 

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Besides kakigori, After You Dessert Cafe is also famous for its thick toasts. This is Chocolate Toast with Strawberry [Regular Size THB$235, Baby Size THB$195]. The thick toast is baked till crispy and topped with chocolate syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, cubed strawberries and whipped cream. The toast, ice-cream and whipped cream provides the creaminess while the strawberries balances with its tanginess. 

After You Dessert Cafe (Terminal 21 Asok)

Address: Terminal 21 Asok, 1st Floor – Tokyo

Telephone: 02 061 5545

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 10.30am – 10pm; Saturday – Sunday 10am – 10pm


You can find the addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours of the other 73 After You Dessert Cafe outlets here.

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